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Holiday diet Without Fearing for Your Waistline

Posted by anna on April 13, 2016
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Eat at Holiday Parties Without Fearing for Your Waistline (What to Eat and What to Steer Clear Of)
1. When eating nuts stick with raw or dry roasted, oil roasted and spiced nuts have added fat and sugar.

2. Stick with regular or spiced wines and ciders, and simple cocktails such as vodka and cranberry juice or a Bloody Mary. The more ingredients in the cocktail the more calories it contains.

3. Eggnog is made with eggs, cream, sugar, and alcohol. Unless there is a light version only have a few sips or drink something else.

4. Unless you know what is in hot dishes like artichoke and crab dip steer clear. They are usually made with full fat mayonnaise, creams, and cheeses.

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5. The cheese platter can be your friend of your enemy. Choose one or two pieces of flavorful cheese such as Camembert or Cheddar. They will satisfy more than a cheese log.

6. Olives contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats. One medium olive, black or green, has about five calories.

7. Watch what you dip your vegetables and/or crackers into. Safer choices are hummus, salsa, and roasted eggplant dips. Onion and spinach dips have sour cream and mayonnaise in them.

8. Unless it is air popped, popcorn will have extra fat, salt, and even sugar. Pretzels make for a better crunchy food choice.

9. For a sweet craving, stick with a handful of jelly beans or a candy cane. They are fat free and last longer than one or two cookies, which are generally made with margarine or butter.

10. Drink a glass or two of water before you go, it will make you feel more full and you will eat less. Do not starve yourself for the entire day before the party, this leads to overeating.